Tamilnadu RSR & FMB MAP Online – (How to Download)

Tamilnadu RSR & FMB MAP Online – (How to Get) Download

Tamilnadu RSR & FMB MAP Online – Before we move onto how to get RSR and FMB map online, we must know what exactly they are. RSR is the abbreviation of Resurvey Settlement Register is a field survey for land records. In 1984, the Tamil Nadu Government conducted a re-survey for land. After this act, land owners got new survey numbers. Field Measure Book or FMB sketch is a compilation of data maintained by the government in volumes at the respective Tehsildar offices.

Tamilnadu RSR & FMB MAP Online, Land Record Download

Tamilnadu RSR & FMB MAP Online, Land Record Download

Tamilnadu RSR & FMB MAP Online Download

The individual survey numbers are maintained at a scale of 1:1000 or 1:2000 in the FMBs. The property owner owns each sub division. The precise dimensions of the land are denoted by FMB. To verify the land measurements and boundaries of a property, FMB sketch is used in a purchase transaction.

The FMB sketch is maintained in the Tehsildar’s office. A request must be submitted in writing to the concerned tahsildar in order to obtain a FMB sketch or to survey the property.

The FMB contains the following documents – 

  • G-Line
  • F-Line
  • Subdivision lines
  • Ladder
  • Extension lines
  • Neighboring field survey numbers

G-Line outlines the making of entire sketch. The actual field boundaries in the outer lines of the sketch signify the F-Lines.  A small portion of land demarcated within a survey number in the sub division lines. With reference to an offset distance from the G-Line the field points are defined.

RSR & FMB MAP Download Online TNEB

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As mentioned above, to obtain a FMB sketch, one must visit the Tehsildar’s office and make the request. In Tamil Nadu, there is no online facility for viewing FMB. The procedure to get a RSR copy one must first visit the Tamil Nadu government website www.eservices.gov.in .

You will be required to fill in the district, taluk, and village and land survey number. Sub division number will be displayed automatically. After submitting all the required details, you can obtain the patta number using survey number.

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Apply Legal Heir Certificate {Online} – Tamilnadu, Delhi, Kerala

Apply Legal Heir Certificate {Online} – Tamilnadu, Here we provided to how to apply online, How to Registered online portal. Check it out Legal Heir Certificate Online for Tamilnadu, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Hyderbad, Chennai other state.

Legal Heir Certificate Legal Heir Document is a very important document as it acts as a proof of the relationship between the deceased and the legal heirs. In case of sudden demise of a family member, legal heir certificate is needed for transferring the assets of the deceased to the heir. It is important that the successors apply for the legal heir certificate to claim the right over the deceased person’s property once the death certificate is obtained. Lawyers help in drafting the legal heir certificate. Legal Heir Certificate is important for all so we suggested to please go near centre and need to apply for it. Or follow the link of government portal to register or document upload online.

Legal Heir Certificate Apply Online, Register for Tamilnadu, Delhi

    Legal Heir Certificate Apply Online, Register for Tamilnadu, Delhi


Apply Legal Heir Certificate Online Tamilnadu

Under the Indian Law, the following people are considered as legal heir and can obtain the legal heir certificate –

  • Sibling of the deceased
  • Spouse of the deceased
  • Parents of the deceased
  • Children of the deceased

Bellow the line we have mention some important document you have need to registered for Legal Heir Certificate. The documents required for obtaining a legal heir certificate include –

  • Application form
  • Death certificate
  • Identity card
  • Ration card
  • Residence proof

To obtain the assets of the deceased person, a legal heir certificate identifies the rightful successor. To claim the deceased person’s property, all eligible successors must have this certificate.

Legal heir certificate is required for various purposes including –

  • For claiming insurance
  • For transferring the assets and properties of the deceased person to the successor
  • To gain employment based on compassionate appointments
  • To receive salary arrears of the deceased
  • To receive dues such as provident fund, gratuity etc. from the government

Tamilnadu Legal Heir Certificate Registration Online

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The procedure to apply for legal heir certificate in Tamil Nadu is as follows – 

  • Create an account in the official TNeGA website and a CAN number
  • Login to the TNeGA website
  • Select on legal heir certificate
  • Read the instructions carefully
  • After that you will be required to fill in all the necessary details and then submit the form.

A fee of Rs 15 will be charged if not opted online. The certificate is valid for lifetime. Further details & Information will be available soon. More query related to Legal Heir Certificate will be write down on comment section.

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PAN Card Apply Online (Tamilnadu) Fee, Process, Form pdf

PAN Card Apply Online (Tamilnadu) Fee, Process, Form pdf, You have need to get Online process to How to Apply Pan Card, Application Fee, Registration process for online, Find more details and information related to PAN Card Lost Application, Damages PAN Card, Re Issued PAN CARD etc.

PAN Card Apply Online – Permanent Account Number (PAN) means identifying the various tax payers in the country. A 10-digit unique alphanumeric number assigned to the Indians, mainly who pay tax. Every Indian taxpaying entity is assigned a unique identification number from the computer based system. It acts as a primary key for storage of information of all the tax related details of a person. No two people on tax paying entities can have the same PAN number. You know that PAN Card is important for all people have working & jobs. Its important because they have a part to show your income to government. You just get the identification through PAN CARD. So must apply online or visit near government center to register you pan card.

PAN Card Apply Online Tamilnadu

PAN card is allotted to the person once the PAN number is generated. It is given by the Income Tax Department. A PAN Card has the PAN Number of the individual along with the Date of Birth (DOB) and the photograph. Being unaffected by any change in address, PAN Card is valid for lifetime.


There are various benefits of having a PAN Card.

  • It can be used as a valid identity proof throughout the country since it contains details such as Name, Age and photograph.
  • It can be used to avail utility connections such as LPG, internet and electricity.
  • It is impossible to escape tax evasions since it is unique and has its own identity.
  • It can be best utilised to keep a track of your tax payment.

No all people are eligible for PAN Card. There are certain criteria’s for it.

  1. Any kind of trust, charitable organisations and associations
  2. Any person who has an annual turnover of more than 5 Iakhs
  3. Any person who has paid tax or is liable to pay tax

Tamilnadu Pan Card Fee Registration, Apply Online

PAN Card can be obtained online by visiting the official Income Tax Department link to apply PAN Online.  Once a person submits all the required documents online, PAN Centre verifies it using the original documents.

Self attested copies of the documents are required to be submitted to NSDL, Pune. Assessing officers cross verify the application details and after successful verification, PAN Card is allotted to the individual.

Important Highlights – 

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If you going to online and looking for Pan Card Registration process. Then you have need to be follow the official portal link we have mention or search on google to PAN Card Apply Online. You have get the official portal link to apply your application. We wish you all the best for registration.

We have just tried to help people those looking for Pan Card Application Online. We have provided a appropriate information and way to registers. You have need to fill correct details on provided space and application form. You must be recheck and spelling check you have submit on Pan Card application.