MP Covid E-pass Registration (Status Check) Online, Rules

MP Covid E-pass Registration (Status Check) Online, Rules, Check out the Madhya Pradesh Lockdown E Pass Registration Process, How to Apply for Online MP Lockdown Pass Online, Get Rules & Regulation

MP E-Pass Registration – India is facing the second wave of Covid-19 and along with that, the vaccination is going on at full force. Vaccination is the permanent solution to eradicate Covid virus from the root. But until all the people of the nation are not vaccinated, it is mandatory to take necessary precautions for the safety of all. Vaccinating a population as massive as ours is not a piece of cake and it will indeed take a lot of time.

So it is essential to take necessary precautions such as social distancing or lockdown. Most of the states have declared partial or full lockdown as per the requirements. Now as per the COVID-19 situation all over India. MP Government will be announced for lockdown for few days. Now you have a need to E-Pass for any movement in MP state. So please go through the below link and details to check more about MP Lockdown E-Pass Registration 2021 Apply Online.

MP E Pass, Curfew Pass Registration, Status Check, Apply Online

MP E Pass, Curfew Pass Registration, Status Check, Apply Online

MP E-Pass Registration Online

Important details – 

  • Scheme for – MP Curfew Pass / E-Pass
  • Official portal –
  • Start Date – 26th March 2021
  • Last Date – Not Announced yet
  • Beneficiaries – Only MP Citizens

About E-Pass – Similarly like many other states Madhya Pradesh has also followed suit and imposed lockdown across the state along with the strict guidelines. As per the new guidelines, nobody can move around without a proper reason or emergency. In case of an urgent situation, the person has to apply for the E-pass on the online platform and when the E-pass is generated, an individual can come out of his or her house provided that the reason for commuting must be appropriate.

During registration, the individual has to fill in the certain information regarding reason and other personal information along with ID proof. The information must be genuine and 100% authentic. Then the responsible authority will issue you the E-pass via SMS and you can move without restrictions (but with necessary precautions like mask and documents etc ). With the thought of keeping the safety of the people , the government introduced the online portal for the registration of the E-pass.  Hence , one can apply for the E-pass while sitting in the safety of his or her house.

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MP Curfew Pass Registration, Status Check

Steps for registration of E-pass – 

  • An individual has to visit the website given below for registration. 
  • You have to click on the “apply for E-pass” option on the home page.
  • Now, you have to fill in certain personal details like mobile number, etc.
  • After submission of the information, the OTP will be sent to the registration number.
  • Verify the mobile number by entering the OTP.
  • Now, you have to fill in other necessary details like Aadhar number, Voter ID number, and other details that are asked for 
  • Along with that, you have to mention the reason for the E-pass and your destination, purpose of visit.
  • Vehicle details, vehicle type, vehicle registration number, etc. 

After successfully submitting the above mentioned details, the confirmation of the submission will be sent via SMS. The issued E-pass will also be sent via SMS in the form of pdf. With the E-pass, you can move around without any restriction for the purpose. There are certain rules that the individual must follow during the movement too that are mentioned in the E-pass. 

Conclusion – 

We wish you have to get your movement / Curfew Pass for travel of essential supplies. The Madhya Pradesh government came up with the best solution for applying for an E pass without any human contact. It is an effective measure of keeping people safe and also allowing movement when required. The E pass will be issued if the purpose mentioned seems urgent and necessary. Hence it is a secure way of getting permission. Stay home !!! Stay safe !!!

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Delhi E-Pass Registration (Curfew Pass) Online Apply – Status

Delhi E-Pass Registration (Curfew Pass) Online Apply – Status, Find out the How to registered for Delhi Lockdown Movement Pass for an emergency to travel from one place to another place. Check Delhi E Pass Status Online, How to Apply Online

Delhi E Pass Registration – Due to the ongoing pandemic, many states have imposed lockdowns across their respective states along with the guidelines. Do is the capital of India, Delhi. The chief minister of Delhi,  Arvind Kejriwal has also announced the lockdown and has extended it as per the requirements. Even during the lockdown, it is necessary to provide basic necessities to the common people irrespective of the situation. Hence, as per the guidelines, the people engaged in food, milk delivery, medical or health care center are allowed to move around in order to fulfill their duty and make the basic necessities available to common people.

Every people in the world will be affected due to COVID-19. But at present time now India will most suffer from Covid. Now we advised all people, You need to E-Pass for movement in all Over India or Delhi. because Delhi will be announced lockdown for few days. So please go through the details we have mention below.

Delhi E-Pass, Curfew pass, Movement Pass, Lockdown Pass, registration, Status Check Online

Delhi E-Pass, Curfew pass, Movement Pass, Lockdown Pass, registration, Status Check Online

Delhi E Pass Registration, Status

Important Highlights – 

  • Movement Pass for – Delhi
  • Portal link –
  • Application – Online
  • Status Check – online

E-Pass / Movement Pass details – Individuals who are engaged with health care like doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers are allowed to commute around without any restrictions. The ID cards issued by the health care department are necessary for the commutation of the people working in the health care center. Now the issue is the people who are engaged in the profession of providing necessary commodities but do not have any ID card or other means to justify their act like vegetable vendors or milkman. Hence, in order to ensure that the people engaged in the profession of providing necessary commodities can move freely without any trouble, the government of Delhi introduced the E-pass. 

E-pass is like ID cards to those who are engaged in providing essential services. For example food delivery, milk shops, transportation of food or milk, etc. The people who are engaged in this service have to register themselves for the E-pass on the official website of the government and carry the issued E-pass with them. The online portal is used for applying for the E-pass. Hence, the safety of the common people is not jeopardized. One can apply for an E-pass from the comfort of his or her home.

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Delhi Curfew E-Pass Apply

Steps to apply for E-pass – 

  • An individual can apply for an E-pass on the website mentioned below 
  • Enter the valid information asked like contact number, name, type of service, etc
  • Upload valid ID proof (like Aadhar card or voter ID card )
  • Upload documents like shop license or visiting card 
  • Submit the details 
  • The E-pass will be sent to you via SMS 

Eligibility for Curfew Pass

Not all can have the E-pass. There are certain people who are engaged in the profession of providing necessary commodities who are eligible for E-pass.  The people engaged in the following services are eligible for an E-pass. 

  • Manufacturing of essential commodities (like milk or food)
  • Transportation of essential commodities (like milk or medical products)
  • Shops of essential commodities (like milk shop, medical, food, etc)
  • Media.

Delhi Lockdown Pass Status Check

Now after the schedule registration, You have to need to check the online status for the application. When you registered for the E-Pass / Movement pass. You have a need to the given mobile number on the application. When application status is approved. You have got the Approval SMS or Registration No. Then you have need to go for the official portal and download your Delhi E-Pass / Delhi Movement Pass for Lockdown.

Conclusion – Along with the safety of the people, it is important to ensure that essential commodities are available to common people. Hence, in order to prevent any unwanted gathering, the government has introduced an E-pass for those who are engaged in the profession of providing necessary commodities, and the rest of the people are requested to stay home for the safety of their family and themselves. It is an efficient method to ensure that essential services are within common people’s reach without risking the safety of people.  

We wish you all the best for E-Pass Status. Any question or query relates to Delhi Movement Pass. Must follow the official portal link or contact number of the official website.  When you apply for an e-pass you have been filled required details correctly and get your application status as soon as possible.

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Delhi Free Ration E-Coupon 2021 (Card) Apply Online

Delhi Free Ration E-Coupon 2021 (Card) Apply Online, Check Free Ration Card Registration process, Delhi Free Ration E-Coupon Apply Online on portal

Free Ration Card Apply – During the second wave of the pandemic, where once again lockdown is imposed in order to control the spread of the virus, the people living under the poverty line are suffering the most. It’s easy for the people who have enough savings to survive in the lockdown by staying home and looking after their health. But it’s not the same for everyone. There are people who work daily, to make ends meet. These people earn every day not to save but to have food on their plates as well as their families. So during the lockdown, these people suffer the most due to scarcity of food and money.

Delhi Free Ration, E Coupon, Registration, Online

Delhi Free Ration, E Coupon, Registration, Online

Delhi Free Ration E-Coupon Online

Important Highlights – 

  • Start Date – April 06, 2021
  • Website –
  • Department – Department Of Food Supplies and Consumer Affairs Delhi
  • Yojana name – Delhi Temporary Ration Coupon
  • Registration Process – Online

About Free Ration details – Delhi is the capital of our country. Due to the rapid increase in cases, the government of Delhi announced the lockdown with the new guidelines. Along with the safety of citizens from viruses, it is equally important to provide the citizens with basic necessities too. Hence, the commodities that are essential for a living are made available to the common people. Although the necessary commodities are made available, it is not the same for the people who work for daily wages.

Hence, in order to provide all the people with necessary life-saving commodities, the government of Delhi has introduced various different schemes in the public interest. One of them is a free ration E-coupon. This scheme was introduced by the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejariwal in order to provide food to all the people. The motto of this scheme is “not a single person should die out of hunger” 

The person has to apply for the free ration E-coupon on the online portal, in order to avail of the benefit of this service.

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Eligibility – 

As per the guidelines, the person who is the citizens of Delhi can avail of the benefits of this scheme. Not all Delhi residents can apply for this. Only the population living under the poverty line can take advantage of this scheme.

Free Ration Card Registration

Steps for registration – 

  • The person has to register on the website given below, in order to generate the coupon 
  • You have to click on the registration option the page 
  • Fill in all the personal information of all the family members that are asked 
  • Once done with the information, scan the Aadhar card of the head of the family 
  • Your registration is done 
  • Once the registration is done, E-coupon will be generated and will be sent to you via SMS 
  • Print the E-coupon 
  • Now you can use the coupon to avail yourself the free food from the relief center 
  • Remember to make an Aadhar card and the print of the E-coupon to the relief center 

By following the above-mentioned steps, all the people living under the poverty line can avail the advantage of this scheme.

Delhi Free Ration, E Coupon, Registration, Free Ration Apply Online

Delhi Free Ration, E Coupon, Registration, Free Ration Apply Online

Delhi Free Ration E-Coupon Registration Link

Conclusion – The government is trying their 100% to keep all the people safe and ensure they are well provided with the necessary commodities. The Free ration E-coupon service is also one of the many schemes that are introduced in the public interest.  Hence, the population living under the poverty line can access this service to keep them with all the necessary commodities.

We wish you all the best for those looking for Registration & Delhi Free Ration E-Coupon Apply Online. in any query related to Free Ration. You have to need to mention this in the comment section. All required information is available above. For more latest news and update, please follow us and check the link we have mention above.

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